Inviting Cement Tile Foyer

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Spruce up an entry or mud room with the timeless look of handmade cement tiles. Bright, colorful patterns and borders are a great way to welcome guests into your home. A smaller patterned cement tile paired with a larger patterned border is perfect for a small space, such as this one. The field tile is Geo 09 Cement Tile paired with the Traditional Salcedo Border Cement Tile. Both tiles are in an 8" x 8" format.

Inviting Cement Tile Foyer

Cement Tile Flooring Design Tips

Tip #1 When planning for your space, remember to choose a pattern that is appropriate for the scale of the room. A small pattern works well in a very small space, and a border helps to define the area. Consider using a larger pattern for a large room, such as a living room.

Tip #2 Use only two or three colors when using cement tiles for a small space, like an entry or mud room. Keep the wall colors neutral and unadorned. This way, the floor won't be fighting for attention with a cluttered wall - and you'll have plenty of space for coat storage.

Being made of concrete, cement tiles and cement tile floors are extremely durable and may accurately be referred to as concrete tiles. Cement tiles are an eco-friendly green product since they are not kiln-fired.

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