Traditional Cuban Tile Design Meets Modern Bath

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This gorgeous casita bath floor blends a traditional pattern with fun, modern colors.

Cement tiles are so versatile that they truly can fit in any decor. Mix the right pattern with the perfect colors to create something that fits seamlessly with your specific style. From to streamlined contemporary to shabby chic to traditional elegance, cement tiles can blend with any style!

Implementing Cuban Heritage cement tile in your next remodeling project or new construction would not only bring a designer's touch to any space, but it would also connect the colors of the room and furniture together for a cohesive look.

Traditional Cuban Tile Design Meets Modern Bath

Ideas for Using Cuban Tiles

Cement tiles became known as Cuban Tiles because of their ubiquitous use in both residential and commercial applications on the island of Cuba. Cuban tiles, as seen in our Cuban Heritage Handmade Cement Tile collection, use bold, bright colors like salmon or indigo. Also prominent in Cuban tile is the use of double borders. Here's a wonderful example of contemporary cement tile design.

For more cement tile design inspiration, check out all the ideas we've posted on, our Pinterest boards, and browse through dozens of our Cement Tile Design Ideas pages.

Cement Tile Installation Tip

Cement tile can be used on the floors, walls, and ceilings of bathrooms, showers, and other wet areas if they are sealed properly with a penetrating sealer. This step helps to avoid stains, while keeping the tiles watertight. Installing cement tile is a fairly simple process, but it must be done with care in order to achieve the best results. To fully enjoy the versatility of handmade cement tile, we recommend reading our Cement Tile Installation Guide.

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