Rustic Elegance for Modern Living

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The rustic look of natural bisque pavers created with cement provides an elegant and carefree patio for outdoor living!

Rustic Elegance for Modern Living

The 12x12 format in various dark brown shades of Tuscan Mustard is a great choice for the modern home - indoors and out!

You'll notice many of the Rustic Paver colors take their cues from traditional clay bisque used to make Saltillo tile, brown Spanish pavers, and red clay tiles. Did you know that the term rustic refers to the style of the cement tile which purposely have rough edges, facets and chips to make the tile appear weathered and aged? Also, when installing these pavers, we recommend installing on 1/4" grout lines.


Rustic Paver Tiles are Different

Our Rustic Paver Tiles differ from traditional cement tile. They are made with a soft mold and have true through-body color. Traditional patterned cement tiles are made the old way with a steel mold, and with the color layer only in the top 1/8 " of the tile.


The texture, feel and style of the tiles is also very different, including the color. While both tiles are handmade and will have some variation, classic cement tiles have a more traditional, slightly formal, sophisticated look that works well for creating a multi-color pattern using the face of the tile. The cement Pavers have a rustic feel with a softer defining edge, and have only one color throughout each tile.

How to Buy Handmade Rustic Pavers

Follow these easy steps to make sure you find the right tile for you!

  1. Pick a color. With over 50 different color and blends, it's easy to find a color that works with your design scheme. Choose from our Classic, Premium, or Signature colors and blends. Make sure to use the Paver Palette Colors.
  2. Add texture, if you want. Tiles come with a standard smooth finish. Additional textures are also available to create a weathered, antiqued patina. Textures are listed below the Paver Palette Colors.
  3. Find a format and size. Square and rectangle formats are available from 2" to 14". We also offer octagons, hexagons, pickets, Arabesque shapes, and more. You'll find prices, sizes, shapes and colors in our Rustic Paver Price List.
  4. Pick a layout. You can create interest and style with a floor layout that complements the handmade appearance of tiles or design. Create your own or chose from our Paver Layout Patterns.

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