Animal Tiles Provide Fun Accent for Utility Room

Posted by William Buyok on

Our Whimsical Animal tiles provide a fun accent when combined with brightly colored plain tiles in this utility room. In fact, I'd venture to say that these hand-painted tiles, each unique and individual as the animals they depict, make laundry less of a chore.

Animal Tiles Provide Fun Accent for Utility Room

Animal Tiles Provide Fun Accent for Utility RoomAll of the images were provided by Avente Tile Customer, Mary M., from Murphy, Oregon. After she received her tiles and completed the installation, she was kind enough to send us these images and an email showing her appreciation. In the email, Mary stated, "Thank you for your help with the purchase of our Whimsical Animal tiles. We used them in the laundry room. They are so fun! Thought you'd like some pictures of the finished project. Thanks again for your help with everything!"

Mary's order include a Fox tile and we sent a Frog tile in error. However, she included the additional tile in the design and we love how she used colorful plain tiles with the hand-painted decorative animal tiles to create a fun, and exciting accent strip, or listello, for the laundry room.


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