Spanish Bath Tile Create a Striking Shower

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Hand painted Spanish tile create a striking accent for the bathroom's shower wainscot. A grouping of four tiles in the same decorative tile pattern, Caceres, is used as an accent medallion and framed in our Yucatan Cobalt molding.

Spanish Bath Tile Create a Striking Shower

A Timeless Look with Spanish Bath Tiles

Spanish Caceres tiles in a traditional blue and white palette provide a classic and timeless look for this bathroom in Houston, Texas. The intricate pattern is balanced with negative space and provides eye-catching for the shower surround. The complex pattern is balanced with a simple, two-color palette in soothing blue that is an ideal color for a bathroom.


Additionally, the colors provide easy pairing with other blue or white tiles. In this bathroom, the soft matte finish of our Barcelona white is a perfect choice to soften the area above the wainscot. Alternatively, the medallion is set-of with the bold and rich Yucatan Blue molding frame that highlights a design detail you really want noticed. The wainscot is bordered with the same Caceres pattern in a 3"x6" format which makes the Spanish line unique and easy to work with.


How to Pair Decorative Spanish and Plain Tiles

Look closely at the white background color in the Caceres and the white in the Barcelona Matte tiles above. Notice the white colors aren't a perfect match; but, they do complement one another.

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