Spanish Revival Look with Malibu Decorative Tiles

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Create a timeless look that pays homage to Spanish Revival design with our Malibu Decorative tiles. With a beautiful mix of colors and time-tested patterns, these tiles inspired by Spanish Revival architecture common to Los Angeles, California in the 1920's and 1930's. This installation offers a lot of visual impact by using different patterns and colorways on each stair riser. 

Spanish Revival Look with Malibu Decorative Tiles

Our line of hand-painted Malibu Decorative Tiles pay homage to the Malibu and Catalina Potteries of California of the 1920s with classic motifs and colors. Malibu decorative tiles are created using the cuerda seca or "lost wax" technique that produces deep, saturated colors that keep each color in each section of the pattern. Because these tiles are a high-fired ceramic product, the tiles are resistant to freeze/thaw conditions, and can be used for most outdoor applications, such as stair risers.

In this Los Angeles, California, installation a combination of our Malibu Decorative Tiles were used on the risers like Catalina AMission A, Kanan B, and Rambla A.  To create the look of Red Spanish bisque, the decorative tiles were combined with our Rustic Mission Red cement tiles. The Rustic Paver collection offers the look and feel of tile floors found throughout the Mediterranean, with the added convenience of an extensive color palette.  Together both tiles provide a timeless and classic look.

How to Buy Handmade Tiles for a Stairway

Follow these easy steps to make sure you find the right tile for you!

Our Malibu tiles come in 8"-, 6"-, 5"-, 4"-, and 3"-square formats that accommodate just about any stair riser height.  You can also cut the tiles down if needed to accommodate the height.

Rustic cement tiles come with a standard smooth finish and nearly 60 colors. Find a color that creates the look you desire. For tiles that are reminiscent of Spanish bisque consider colors like Cotto Gold, Cotto Dark, Spanish Inn, or Mission Red. For more color variation and to emulate the look of Saltillo tiles, consider colors like Saltillo, Saltillo Café, Café Olay, or Sonora Sunset. Looking for something more neutral? Hacienda, Hacienda Flash, Bone, or Old California are great choices. Additional textures are also available to create a weathered, antiqued patina. Textures and colors are listed on the Rustic Palette Colors page.

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