10" Octagon and Dot Cement Tile

  • $17.00

Handmade 10-inch Octagon and 4-inch Dot tiles are handmade.  When using classic colors they provide a rustic or vintage look similar to classic Spanish bisque. For a more contemporary feel that is fresh and updated, choose premium colors and blends. Because this tile is handmade, expect variation in size, thickness, and color.  This tile looks best when installed with a broad ½" grout joint.  Coverage quantities are based on 1/2" grout joint.  Tiles are made of concrete and have through-body color. All prices are per square foot.  


  • Colors: Confirm colors with chips from the Rustic Color Palette
  • Lead Time: Made to order; allow 4-6 weeks
  • Weight: 7.5 lbs. per sq. ft.
  • Thickness: ¾" nominal
  • Application:  wall, floor, indoors, outdoors, wet, freeze/thaw
  • Sealing: Required. Seal with a penetrating sealer.
Arabesque 10" Octagon and 4" Dot Layout Line Drawing

Application and Use

This tile is rated for the following applications. For more information, see our Application and Use Guidelines.

Application Icon: Tile is Suitable for Indoor UseApplication Icon: Tile is Suitable for Outdoor Use Subject to Climate and InstallationApplication Icon: Tile is Suitable for Wall UseApplication Icon: Tile is Suitable for FloorsApplication Icon: Tile is Suitable for Wet LocationsApplication Icon: Tile is Suitable for Outdoor Locations Subjected to Freeze/Thaw
  • Suitable for all indoor and outdoor wall and flooring applications
  • Suitable for high-temperature areas around ranges and fireplace surrounds, including radiant heat installations
  • Suitable for outdoor use subject to climate and method of installation
  • Suitable for wet locations like shower floors and steam rooms when properly sealed and maintained
  • NOT RECOMMENDED for submerged locations like pools or fountains
  • Suitable for outdoor frosty environments subjected to freeze/thaw conditions

Format Sizes and Coverage (sq. ft.)
Pieces  Nominal Size and Name Actual Size
Arabesque 10" Octagon Line Drawing 1.5 10" Octagon 9-1/2" x 9-1/2"
Arabesque 4" Dot or Tile 1.5 4’’ Dot or 4"x4" Tile 3-7/8" x 3-7/8"


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