Arabesque Malaga Cement Tile

  • $21.00

Handmade Arabesque Malaga tiles provide a rustic look using Interlocking geometric shapes.  Expect variation in size, thickness, and color and works best installed with a wide, ½" grout joint.  Tiles are made of concrete and have through-body color.   All prices are per square foot.  

Arabesque Malaga Layou
Format Sizes and Coverage (sq. ft.)
Pieces  Size and Name
Arabesque Malaga 8"x10" Line Drawing 3 8’’ x 10’’ 


Product Details

  • Colors: Confirm colors with chips from the Rustic Color Palette
  • Lead Time: Made to order; allow 4-6 weeks
  • Weight: 7.5 lbs. per sq. ft.
  • Thickness: ¾" nominal
  • Application:  wall, floor, indoors, outdoors, wet, freeze/thaw
  • Sealing: Required. Seal with a penetrating sealer

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