Clay Arabesque Leon Tile

  • $38.00

Handmade Arabesque Leon tiles provide a classic Spanish look using interlocking geometric, shapes.  These ceramic tiles are great for floors; but, are sized just right for walls.  Mix or match glazes to create your own unique look.  All prices are per sq ft.

Concept is a mixture of four glazes: Evergreen #7741C, Spanish Moss #5615C, Sea Foam Green Matte #5503U, and Mushroom Matte #7504U.

Clay Arabesque Leon Ceramic Tile Line Drawing



Format Sizes and Coverage (sq. ft.)
Pieces  Size and Name
Arabesque 5"x8" Fat Line Drawing 4 5’’ x 8’’ Fat
Arabesque 5"x8" Skinny Line Drawing 4 5’’ x 8’’ Skinny


Product Details

  • Colors: Purchase Sample Glaze Chips here to confirm colors
  • Lead Time: Made to order; allow 4-6 weeks
  • Weight: 3.6 lbs per sq ft
  • Thickness: 3/8" nominal
  • Application:  wall, floor, indoors, outdoors, wet, freeze/thaw
  • Wet application require clear overglaze (additional cost)

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