4"x4" and 6"x 6" Mission Cement Tile Patterns

Mission Cement Tiles can be custom ordered in 4"x4" and 6"x 6" formats.  The following line drawings show the available patterns or molds in these different sizes.  We can always make a new pattern in these sizes if you don't find one you like; but, set-up fee are incurred to make the mold.  Choose from these patterns and customize with colors from the Mission Palette.  Prices are determined by the number of colors used and size of tile.  Contact us for pricing details.  We recommend you purchase a Mission Color Chip Set to confirm color placement on the pattern and a strike-off (sample tile) prior to a full order.

Mission Patterns in 6"x6" Format

Available Mission Cement Tile Patterns in a 6"x6" Format

Mission Patterns in a 4"x4" Format

Mission Patterns Available in a 4"x4" Format