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Cement Tile Living Area

Cement Tile Living Area

Cement tiles in solid colors can be used to make great flooring designs.

Create a simple but stunning design by using two colors of cement field tile with a decorative border. The border creates a "rug" for the center of the room and provides a focal point to a dining or sitting area.

Framing a solid color field tile with a decorative border is a great way to use cement tiles. This keeps the design simple but not over-powering. You should consider using solid color cement tiles or "field tiles" if you are you timid about using the colorful stylistic designs and bold patterns found in many cement tile patterns.

Solid colors cement field tiles make great floor designs. You can use a single color, checkerboard, or frame a solid color with a decorative border. Let us show you how solid color cement tiles make great flooring!

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Note: Link to "Tile Used" is not necessarily the actual pattern shown in photo. For this specific pattern, please contact us directly.


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