Arabesque Safi Cement Tile

  • $22.00

Handmade Arabesque Safi tiles provide a rustic look using Interlocking geometric shapes inspired by Moorish designs.  Expect variation in size, thickness, and color.  These rustic tiles ;ook best installed with a wide, ½" grout joint.  Tiles are made of concrete and have through-body color. All prices are per square foot.  


Arabesque Safi Line Drawing and Pattern
Format Sizes and Coverage (sq. ft.)
Pieces  Size and Name
Arabesque 5" Pointed Square Line Drawing 4.5 5’’ Pointed Square
Arabesque 5" Dented Square Line Drawing 4.5 5’’ Dented Square


Product Details

  • Colors: Confirm colors with chips from the Rustic Color Palette
  • Lead Time: Made to order; allow 4-6 weeks
  • Weight: 6 lbs. per sq. ft.
  • Thickness: ¾" nominal
  • Application:  wall, floor, indoors, outdoors, wet, freeze/thaw
  • Sealing: Required. Seal with a penetrating sealer.

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