Cement Tile Border Pattern Creates Cozy Patio Dining for Italian Restaurant

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This Italian restaurant created a charming entrance and outdoor dining space using a border pattern laid in rows. Executed in classic black and white, the details of the pattern grab your attention from the moment you enter.

Cement Tile Border Pattern Creates Cozy Patio Dining for Italian Restaurant

Cement tiles naturally create Old World charm with their traditional patterns and natural color variation that occurs from being a hand-crafted product. Therefore, it was an obvious choice to use them for this Italian restaurant to help achieve a quaint, but sophisticated, atmosphere.


Cement Tiles Captures Details

The cement tile rugs for this commercial installation are created using rows of our Yuna border pattern. While there may not be anything inherently Italian about this pattern, the choice of color and rich detailing creates Old World charm. The flexibility of cement tile in commercial design provides stellar results. Notice how well this pattern works with the Roman columns and marble architectural details around the windows? The details in the pattern, color choice and abundant designs allow cement tiles to provide jaw-dropping beauty while flawlessly working with other design details to create a charming ambiance.


Can't you imagine a waiter in white shirt, black vest, and trousers bringing you an espresso? Now, compare this installation with Geometric Tiles for a Classic Italian Restaurant and you'll see how the colors and the different design motif both conjure the feeling and mood of Italy; but with very different styles.

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