Creating a Cohesive Design with Cement and Ceramic Tiles

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See how easy it is to a create a cohesive design using similar design motifs and colors from our ceramic and cement tile collections. As part of a recent new-home construction project, our client was able to maintain a contemporary feel throughout her home and still use the traditional tiles she loved. With careful choices and a watchful eye, a cohesive design was achieved by integrating cement tile and ceramic tiles using similar colors and patterns.


 Let's look at the recent remodeling project completed by our customer. She wanted to convey a modern yet contemporary feel throughout her home. She chose Catalina A 6" x 6" from our Malibu collection of hand-painted tiles for the backsplash. To make the Malibu tiles, tile artisans utilize the time-honored Cuerda Seca (dry cord) technique. As a result, this method causes a slight relief from pooled glazes, which in turn make this ceramic tile collection a true classic.

From the countertop to the vanity to the tiles, mixing materials and patterns is made simpler with customization services.
customized Toscana cement tiles
With various shades of red and green, the customized Toscana cement tiles help tie the various elements of this bathroom together.


While ceramic tiles grace the backsplash, the client's bathroom floor features handmade encaustic cement tiles from the Traditional Collection. Because these tiles are individually handmade, customization is a highly decorative benefit to consider, as Avente's client did when she chose the Toscana series. With nearly 90 colors available in the Heritage Cement Tile Color Palette to select from, Avente can help you select the right colors to complement any look or décor you would like to showcase.

 custom tile
Creating a custom tile color combination not only cements your design signature, but most importantly, it helps alleviate frustration and lost time due to finding the "right" tile.


Lastly, we understand how designing with cement or ceramic tile means taking a vision or idea and making it all come to life. For visual inspiration on how cement and ceramic tiles can enhance any room or setting, visit us on; see what we've been pinning onto the Avente Tile Pinterest boards; browse through dozens of our Cement Tile Design Ideas and our Ceramic Tile Design Ideas; and visit our recently launched Instagram page! You might also like to view the extensive process of creating individual handmade cement tiles by watching our YouTube videos.

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