Pillow Chiclet Tiles Create Cool Pool Bath Counter

Posted by William Buyok on

A simple mosaic using a blend of our Pillow Chiclet tiles in Aqua and River create a cool counter for this Pool Bath.

Pillow Chiclet Tiles Create Cool Pool Bath Counter

Our Pillow Chiclet line of ceramic tiles offer a classic shape with a touch of softness. The wonderful translucent colors are hand-painted onto domed "pillow-like" tiles. Pillow Chiclet tiles add dimension and texture to any space. Choose a single color or mix a few for a bolder effect! These tiles are great for kitchens and baths and available in nine glazes.


Designing with Hand-Glazed Ceramic Tiles

Using decorative ceramic tiles, such as our Chiclet Tile collection, additional interest or drama can be created. With their vibrant jewel tones, each tile offers a unique look into the glazing process. As glazing is done by hand, each piece offers a subtle variation from others. That's the beauty of these tile! Stocked for quick shipping (please confirm inventory with us before ordering), this collection could be ready to install within 7-10 days in any interior or wall setting!

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