Portuguese Braganza Blue Ceramic Tile Adds Bold Depth

Posted by William Buyok on

The vibrancy of the hand-brushed patterns of our Portuguese Ceramic Tile collection pair nicely with the Portuguese Natural Field Tile we offer.

Portuguese Braganza Blue Ceramic Tile Adds Bold Depth

Pulling the main color from a deco tile and creating a single line of field tiles in that color, can make that particular color really "pop". The intricate design on the deco tiles is softened by pairing them against a neutral field background.

Portuguese Braganza Blue 4"x4" and 3"x6" deco tiles are paired with Portuguese Natural 6x6 Field Tile and French V-Cap (2" x 6") molding to create this bold design idea.

Where to Use Portuguese Tile

These tiles can be used just about anywhere; but, the gloss glaze is ideal for kitchen backsplashes and bathrooms. Like all our Spanish and Portuguese ceramic tiles they come in a variety of formats. Additionally, they can be used in indoor or outdoor settings, including pools and water fountains. This tile is not suitable for outside locations subject freeze/thaw cycles. To avoid slipping hazards, use them only for accents on floors.

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