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Cement Tile Customization Services by Avente

If you'd like to customize your handmade cement tile choices, Avente Tile can help via our cement tile customization services.

Cement tiles can be customized in many ways. For example, you can substitute colors in an existing design's colorway, create your own colors for the tiles as well as your own unique pattern; you can even select a pattern in a different size. If you are looking to customize, you will find the information below helpful.

Note that the pricing and samples choices here apply only to tiles from our Cuban Heritage and Heritage Solid Color cement tiles.

Cement Tile Color Palettes

To substitute colors in a pattern make sure to use the correct color palette for that line. Also, you can avoid the cost and time of creating a custom color, if you can work with an existing color palette. With so many colors to choose from you should be able to find colors close to your requirements. Below you will find links to each palette and the cement tile lines they can be used with.

Cement Tile Color Chips

If you want to change the "standard colors" on a colorway, you'll need to get the color chips for that lines color palette. While photos and scans of a color help, you really need to see the color chips to determine what colors are going to work for your space. Our color chips set are pieces of cement tile made to the same color specs as your order. We can provide color chips sets for any of the cement tile lines color palettes. The chips are 1" x 1" squares of cement tiles produced using the color specification at the factory.


Virtual Design of Cement Tile Patterns

We can create a digital design using your colors. Using the hand-traced line art cement tile patterns, we can create a digital version with the colors of your choice. We'll send you a pdf with the different colorways.

Cost: $100 per pattern with up to 3 different color ways (versions) for each pattern. This price is per cement tile pattern. Many designs require numerous patterns (border, corner, field).

Cuban Heritage Cement Tile Color Substitution Charge

There is a 20% surcharge to substitute colors in our Cuban Heritage design. There is no minimum order. You may substitute with any color in the Heritage Colors.

Cost: Price depends on the color chosen. Allow about six weeks for delivery. In general, blues and greens will determine the color class. The light blues and greens are "B"; dark blues and greens are "C"; all other colors are class "A".

Custom Color Charge for Cement Tiles

There is a onetime $200.00 charge for each custom cement tile color. The color can then be made in any quantity. The custom color fee is due with the cement tile color request. Transportation costs for seeing a sample of the color are extra. Changes of color placement in patterned tiles have no additional fee.

Custom Mold Charge for New Patterns

When you create a custom pattern, we'll need to create a new mold for each unique element in the pattern.

Cost:The cost for each new 8"x8" mold starts at USD $600. This fee only applies to patterns not currently in our design portfolio. The mold and design become the property of the factory. Allow about four (4) weeks for production of the mold.

Cement Tile 'Strike Off' Samples

If you would like to see a sample of a tile before your order is placed, a strike off sample can be shipped.

Cost: Please call us to provide a quote via UPS or FedEx (about $200 for four tiles) or we can bill to your carrier's account. Strike-off samples in the Classic Line are $25 each regardless of the number of colors. Strike-off samples in most other lines are the cost of the tile plus shipping. Strike-off samples are usually delivered within 2 - 3 weeks after the order is placed.

Cement Tile Layout Plans

We provide design layout services so that you have a dimensional drawing of the cement tile floor plan or layout. Showing grout lines, each tiles, and required cuts. It's a great way to finalize your design and make sure it all works.

For complex or irregular installations, you will save money and time.

Cost: Our rate for layout design services is $100/hr. Most residential project are completed within a few hours.

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