Cement Tile Customization Services

If you'd like to customize your handmade cement tile choices, Avente Tile can help via our cement tile customization services.

Cement tiles can be customized in many ways. For example, you can substitute colors in an existing design's colorway, create your own colors for the tiles as well as your own unique pattern; you can even select a pattern in a different size. If you are looking to customize, you will find the information below helpful.


Cement Tile Color Palettes

To substitute colors in a pattern make sure to use the correct color palette for that line. Also, you can avoid the cost and time of creating a custom color, if you can work with an existing color palette. With so many colors to choose from you should be able to find colors close to your requirements. Below you will find links to each palette and the cement tile lines they can be used with.

Heritage Color Board showing Available Colors

 Color Chips Help Provide Accurate Color Representation


Mission Color Chips are Grouped by Color or Hue

Cement Tile Color Chips

If you want to change the "standard colors" on a colorway, you'll need to get the color chips for that lines color palette. While photos and scans of a color help, you really need to see the color chips to determine what colors are going to work for your space. Our color chips set are pieces of cement tile made to the same color specs as your order. We can provide color chips sets for any of the cement tile lines color palettes. The chips are 1" x 1" squares of cement tiles produced using the color specification at the factory.


You can purchase color chips or color chip sets for each collection online:


Virtual Design of Cement Tile Patterns

We can create a digital design using your colors. Using the hand-traced line art cement tile patterns, we can create a digital version with the colors of your choice. We'll send you a pdf with the different colorways.

Cost: $100 per pattern with up to 3 different colorways (versions) for each pattern. This price is per cement tile pattern. Many designs require numerous patterns.  For instance, rug designs include border, corner and field tiles.
Lead Time:  About 5 - 7 business to develop and present the different colorways.

Toscana Virtual Design or Rendering Created by Avente for a Restuarant

Toscana Virtual Design or Rendering Created by Avente for a Restaurant

 Two Virtual Designs by Avente of our Toscana Pattern for a Commercial Project


Cuban Heritage Color Substitution Charge

There is a 20% surcharge to substitute colors in our Cuban Heritage design. There is no minimum order. You may substitute with any color in the Heritage Colors.

Cost: Price depends on the color chosen. Allow about six weeks for delivery. In general, blues and greens will determine the color class. The light blues and greens are "B"; dark blues and greens are "C"; all other colors are class "A".

One Rendering of the Proposed Cement Tile Backsplash for the Kitchen Backsplash

Initial Rendering of the Proposed Cement Tile for the Kitchen Backsplash (below)

 Example of Cement Tile Color Substitutions for Kitchen Backsplash using Cuban Pattern CH110

Example of Cement Tile Color Substitutions for Kitchen Backsplash using Cuban Pattern CH110

Custom Color Matching for Cement Tiles

Cement tile colors can be matched to a design or control sample provided or based on a Pantone Color specification.  The color can then be made in any quantity. The custom color set-up fee is due with the cement tile color matching request is made.  The fee does not including shipping costs and will depend on the size of the color chip requested.

Cost: $400.00 per custom color match

Lead Time: 2 - 3 weeks


Custom Mold Charge for New Patterns

When you create a custom pattern, we'll need to create a new mold for each unique element in the pattern.


Cost: The cost for each new 8"x8" mold starts at USD $600. This fee only applies to patterns not currently in our design portfolio. The mold and design become the property of the factory.

Lead Time: Allow about 2 - 3 weeks for production of the mold plus and additional 2 weeks for the strike-off sample.


Cement Tile 'Strike Off' Samples

If you would like to see a sample of a tile before your order is placed, a strike off sample can be shipped.

Total Cost:  Expect to spend about $300 - $400 for four tiles including shipping from the factory. Please call us to provide a quote via UPS.

Sample Cost: Strike-off samples are created at the cost of $25 per sample regardless of the number of colors or finish.

Lead Time: Strike-off samples are usually delivered within 2 - 3 weeks after the order is placed.


Cement Tile Layout Plans

We provide design layout services so that you have a dimensional drawing of the cement tile floor plan or layout. Showing grout lines, each tiles, and required cuts. It's a great way to finalize your design and make sure it all works.

For complex or irregular installations, you will save money and time.

Cost: Our rate for layout design services is $100/hr. Most residential project are completed within a few hours.

Lead Time:  Most renderings require a few days to be completed.  More complex geometries and commercial projects may require several weeks.

A Layout Plan Created by Avente Tile for a Residential Kitchen (CH110-2B Pattern)

 A Layout Created by Avente Tile for a Residential Kitchen


Choosing Cement Tile: Consider Time, Budget, Use

This helpful guide identifies which cement tiles are the best choice based on your project requirements or limits. Take a minute and jot down answers to these three questions. Your answers need to be realistic and honest. It will save you time and allow us to help provide options that meet your needs.

  1. Time - When do you need the tiles?
  2. Budget - How much you are willing to spend on the tiles?
  3. Application Where to you plan to use the tile (i.e., outdoor patio, kitchen backsplash).



Standard Delivery of Cement Tile

You can expect to receive your cement tiles six to eight weeks after you place an order with us. The delivery window allows time for the manufacture of your handmade tiles, freight transit time from the factory to a US Port, US Customs inspection and clearance, and delivery from our warehouse to your home. Because of the unique, handmade manufacturing process, it is very easy to substitute or change the colors used on any pattern. This makes cement tile very versatile, allowing you to create a custom-colored tile design that is truly yours. Cement tiles are the first choice of many architects and designers that need to create a unique look in different color palettes. Because cement tile are are so versatile and easily customized, you won't find a lot of inventory or stock.



Choose our Stocked Cement Tile for Quick Delivery

If you need your tiles right away, you'll need to limit your selection to inventory that we currently have available. In general, we stock most of the Cuban Heritage Tiles and a handful of the Heritage Solid Color Cement Tiles. We also stock most of the Classic Cement Tile patterns and many of the Classic Solid Color Cement Tiles. Remember, just because we stock a tile, that doesn't mean it's always in stock when you need it. Please call us to confirm availability and discuss options. We stock many of the following cement tiles for immediate shipment:



Typical Milestone Schedules for Cement Tile Projects

You should allow 6 - 8 weeks for for manufacture and delivery of made-to-order cement tile. However, if you want to customize, substitute colors or create your own patterns you'll need more time. To help you decide if your schedule can accommodate customization, use these milestone schedules for planning. Generally, these tasks can't be completed in parallel because each step needs to be completed before starting the next. For instance, you need to finalize a pattern before we start building the mold for that pattern.
  • Color Substitutions. Add 1 - 2 weeks for color substitutions. If you want to use colors other than those shown in our product catalog, you'll need to purchase a color chip set in the lines color palette. Allow one week to receive your color chip set and one week to review/finalize your color choices.
  • Virtual Designs. Add 1 - 2 weeks for virtual designs. Virtual designs or mock-ups are created to help visualize different colorways and finalize a design before creating a strike-off sample. Virtual designs are created digitally using the pattern's line drawing and color chip scans to render a life-like design.
  • Custom Patterns. Add 2 - 3 weeks for custom pattern development. If we don't have a pattern or can't find it in our extensive pattern library, our designers can work with you to define and refine a pattern. The process begins with black and white pattern outlines and ends with a full-color rendering of your design.
  • Custom Mold. Add 2 - 3 weeks for a custom mold to be made, if not using an existing pattern that has a mold in the size required.
  • Strike-off Samples. Add 2 - 3 weeks for strike-off samples to be made and delivered via air freight. A strike-off is recommended when you substitute colors on an existing pattern or create your own pattern or custom color. It's just good sense to see a sample before you place a full-order.


Cement tiles usually can't be expedited for a surcharge. Because of the size and weight, full-orders can't be shipped via air.


Costs of Handmade Concrete Tile

If you want to use cement tile, you should budget and plan accordingly. Prices for the tile will start at $9 per sq. ft. for plain or solid color unpolished tile in an 8"x8" format. Patterned tile generally start at about $12 per sq. ft. to $15 per sq. ft. and can reach $20 per sq. ft. for 8"x8" tiles.


These costs do not include custom patterns, molds, custom colors, and color substitution. And, they do not include the cost of freight. Freight on small orders (less than 100 sq. ft.) may run as much as the tiles; but, typically ranges from 10% to 20% of the total order.


Tips for Getting More Cement Tile at the Best Price

These tips will reduce the costs per square foot of any cement tile job:
  1. Place a single, large order for all your tiles at once (i.e., order your fireplace and kitchen floor tiles at the same time).
  2. Choose tiles from only one manufacturer (i.e., Mission, Heritage, or Classic).
  3. Limit the use of patterned tile by make a rug with solid color tiles framed in a patterned border tile. Or, create medallions or groupings of four patterned tiles separated by a 'grid' or row of solid color tiles.
  4. Limit customization and work with patterns in standard colorways or in-stock tiles.



Where can you use Concrete Tile

Cement tiles can be used just about everywhere with the right sealer to protect it. However, you generally can't use cement tile in areas subjected to hard freeze/thaw cycles; however, the following cement tiles are rated for these cycles:


Cement Tile Customization Options by Lines

The chart below should help you find which lines are the best choice based on your schedule, budget, and use. You can also see which color palettes can be used with each line, finish options, what's stocked and typical lead times and costs for samples (strike-offs) and full orders.This guide should help you find the best options for your need. But, it get's confusing. So, don't be afraid to call and discuss your questions with our experienced cement tile staff.

Heritage Tiles

Cement Tile Line Color Substitutions Color Palette Finishes Stocked Minimum Order Strike-Offs
4 8"x8" tiles
Lead Time (full order)
Artist Series No Heritage Polished / Raw No No
+20% < 100 sq. ft.
N / A 8-10 weeks
Cuban Yes +15%
Color Group
Heritage Polished Yes No
+20% < 100 sq. ft.
$150 / 2-3 weeks 8-10 weeks
Traditional Yes Heritage Polished / Raw No No
+20% < 100 sq. ft.
$150 / 2-3 weeks 8-10 weeks
Geometric Yes Heritage Polished / Raw No No
+20% < 100 sq. ft.
$150 / 2-3 weeks 8-10 weeks
Textured Yes Heritage Polished / Raw No No
+20% < 100 sq. ft.
$150 / 2-3 weeks 8-10 weeks
Trim Single Colors Only Heritage Polished / Raw No No $150 / 2-3 weeks 8-10 weeks
Solids N/A Heritage Polished / Raw Some No
+20% < 100 sq. ft.
Heritage 80-Color Chip Set 8-10 weeks
Mosaic Accents

Mission Tiles

Cement Tile Line Color Substitutions Color Palette Finishes Stocked Minimum Order Strike-Offs
4 8"x8" tiles
Lead Time (full order)
Patterns Yes Mission Raw No No
+20% < 80 sq. ft.
Full-box qty (x12)
$150 / 2-3 weeks 10-12 weeks
Solids N/A Mission Raw No No
+20% < 80 sq. ft.
Full-box qty (x12)
Mission 60-Color Chip Set 10-12 weeks

Classic Tiles

Cement Tile Line Color Substitutions Color Palette Finishes Stocked Minimum Order Strike-Offs
4 8"x8" tiles
Lead Time (full order)
Patterns Yes Classic Raw Yes - Some 50 sq. ft. (stock)
100 sq. ft. (custom)
Full-box qty (x10)
+30% <100 sq="" ft="" td="">
$400 / 2-3 weeks 8-10 weeks
Solids N/A Classic Raw Yes - Some 50 sq. ft. (stock)
100 sq. ft. (custom)
Full-box qty (x10)
+30% <100 sq. ft.
Classic 32-Color Chip Set 8-10 weeks